FEMA Elevation Certificates - Residential $325.00 & Commercial $450.00 - Within a 20 Mile Radius of Our Office
   Flood Elevation Certificates

Flood Insurance Elevation Certificates are required by mortgage companies to protect your investment, which is your home or business.  Insurance companies utilize the elevation certificate to rate your flood insurance cost by comparing the measurements from the slab of your building to the base flood elevations illustrated on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps issued by FEMA.

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  Brief History

In 2003, Ken Guller purchased Reno & Associates - Professional Land Surveying.

In 2005, the records of John W. Gilligan Consulting Engineers were purchased.

In 2008, Gruller Surveying, LLC was created and has stood for the highest quality service and products..

   Our Mission Statement
The goal of the company is to provide our clients with a professional service of the highest quality, in a timely manner.The profession of surveying is a combination of art and science that requires many years of practice to refine and integrate into a product that can be presented to the client and the general public. In order to prepare and present these surveys to the client or the general public,the surveyor must understand the requirements of the client. At Gruller Surveying, LLC, we are committed to the preparation of a survey that incorporates the requirements of the client, while utilizing the most current technology, with a thorough knowledge of past survey methods. We strive to provide these surveys to an exacting standard, while addressing all required issues. As a result, the final survey is very discernible and easily understood. It is the stated responsibility of the Registered Professional Land Surveyor to serve the general public. Therefore, we are sensitive to the needs of the client and all related parties.



For information concerning the records of Reno & Associates - Professional Land Surveying or John W. Gilligan Consulting Engineers please contact us at (713) 333-1466.  

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5599 San Felipe St., Suite 1420
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