Mr. Gruller is Vice President of Gruller Surveying, LLC as of February 2008.  We work on all types of surveys from small tract boundaries to large acreage tracts. As well as a Registered Professional Land Survey, Mr. Gruller is a Licensed State Land Surveyor, which will allow him to survey any lands in which the State of Texas has an interest (i.e. coastal and riparian boundaries), as well as vacancy surveys as appointed by the Commissioner of The General Land Office.

          Mr. Gruller has experience in numerous types of surveys including residential properties, commercial, ALTA/ACSM surveys, and a wide variety of other boundary surveys.  Mr. Gruller has performed numerous acreage surveys on properties ranging from less than one acre to 1200 acres.  Included in these projects are many hours conducting research at courthouses in Harris and many of the surrounding and outlying counties. Several of these parcels were divided into smaller tracts for development and platting purposes, including the preparation of metes and bounds descriptions for conveyance, easements and exhibits. Over the course of many years, Mr. Gruller has developed an in depth understanding of the requirements of plats, plat construction and working closely with title companies, developers, engineers and land planners.  Mr. Gruller's experience also encompasses a heavy regimen in engineering support which includes, but is not limited to, topographic, construction layout, as-built and design surveys.  In addition, Mr. Gruller has performed work within municipalities in the Harris County area for the rehabilitation of streets, water, drainage and sanitary sewer systems.  Mr. Gruller has conducted impact surveys for the placement of environmentally sensitive reclamation units and worked in chemical and refinery plants.  He has been involved in providing as-built surveys for geotechnical engineers to determine settlement in existing buildings and to determine the location of fault lines.  Mr. Gruller has performed quality control surveys for oilfield production platforms prior to these systems being put in place in deep water environments. Many of the projects he has worked on and participated in required close interaction with personnel at various levels of state, county and city agencies, as well as municipal utility districts, water districts and major utility companies.  Mr. Gruller has also been involved in major developments such as Canyon Gate at the Brazos located in Fort Bend County and Willow Dell located in North Harris County. Of tremendous enjoyment to Mr. Gruller has been the opportunity to recover aged survey marks documenting the division of surveys located in Montgomery County.

          Mr. Gruller is registered as a Licensed State Land Surveyor, and is qualified to survey land in which the State of Texas holds an interest.  The Commissioner of the General Land Office can call on Mr. Gruller to survey.

           This extensive background allows Mr. Gruller to make the judgment of what will be entailed in accomplishing the project and tailoring the job to the needs of the client.  The most important object in the undertaking of the survey is to have a thorough understanding of the clients needs. 

            We understand that quality, timeliness, and the appropriate cost are the right combination to serve the Title Insurance Industry.